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What I Need to Provide

What I need to provide

How to order and what details required, please refer to the item you want to purchase.
You can find the order instructions on the listing page.

Usually you should provide:
* It may vary depending on the item you purchased.

A. What’s your phone No. for DHL delivery?

B. When is your doll expected to receive?

C. What color of the stand would you like?
*The most commonly used color is white/gray/black.

D. What's your height?

E. ONE clear individual frontal shot of you respectively or ONE group photo so that we can catch your facial features. A smile in the picture is recommended.
*The face should look straight on.

F. The photos of outfits /shoes/ female’s hairstyle (if needed).
* Please search on Google if you dont have the above mentioned pictures.
*the female's outfit should includ the photo of the front and the back.

G. Select the Color code for your skin tone, eyes and hair from our color chart:

Please send the above info & photos to us ( by Email with your order number.

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